Jeremy’s Current Project

Jeremy understands the struggle of living with bipolar depression and navigates it using prayer and art. As the world grasped for answers pertaining to health and dignity in 2020, Jeremy began a personal project of reaching out and sharing hope through the daily creation of miniature sunflowers. Historically, the sunflower represents the Christian life. Just as a real bloom follows the sun across the sky, the believer is to set their eyes on the Son, Jesus, as their source of daily direction and light. Each “Sunflower Hope Project” painting carries a reminder of hope for those days when it seems just out of reach. Follow… [continue reading]

Art available as:

  • Original creations
  • Commissions
  • Limited edition prints and note cards

Contact Jeremy about:

  • Speaking engagements
  • Curated exhibitions
  • Arts ministry consulting for churches
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