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St. Thomas Episcopal church in Lancaster hosted an evening with liturgical artist, educator and pastor Jeremy Miller. The intent of the evening was to showcase Jeremy’s art as well as to hear Jeremy’s story of the healing power of art.

Jeremy refers to himself as a liturgical artist because his art focuses on biblical themes in the Christian tradition. Using bright and bold colors, he creates vivid symbolic pieces that, along with a narrative, tell parts of the biblical story and our stories.

During the evening, as Jeremy shared the symbolism behind his star series, his skill and experience as an educator and pastor was evident. In an informative and inspiring way, he shared the meaning of different stars as they have been used in the Christian tradition.

Jeremy’s artistic skill, educator’s passion, and pastor’s heart are evident in his work and presentation. He has clear ideas of how and what he wants to do and he was easy to work with in the preparation of the event. He also created a beautiful flyer to advertise the event.

David Miron

Coordinator/Consultant, Clergy and Congregational Care at Samaritan Counseling Center , Lancaster, PA

Vibrant colors. Flowing abstraction. Layered meaning. Symbolic truth. What Jeremy Miller is able to convey through a single piece would often take a theologian pages—if not chapters—to write. I continue to be encouraged and impressed through observing his work. Art speaks a language no other language can touch. Art (both the creation and consumption of) can be spiritually formative. I’m thankful for the theologically robust, aesthetically pleasing, humble artistry of Miller. I encourage you to consider allowing him to bless your home, office, or friends through one of his prints or original compositions. Thank you for using your gifts for the glory of God, Jeremy Miller!
Sten-Erik Armitage

Senior Pastor, Redeemer Bible Church, Dallas / Adjunct Professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, TX

Not only is Jeremy’s art beautiful, the story behind it and the meaning behind the pieces is amazing. Thank you for sharing your gift and most importantly your love of the Lord.

I purchased cards by Jeremy for this Christmas season. They are beautiful and I got many positive responses from those who received the cards. I highly recommend his work.

Jeremy’s art visualizes Scripture and the basic tenets of the Christian faith like I’ve never seen before. His unique gift so perfectly captures in word, color, and symbol what most people can only hope to understand in a lifetime. Each element in each piece he creates has purpose and meaning. I’m thankful to know an artist that has his eyes fixated on Christ and his hand always on a pen.

Jeremy’s art unites simplicity and complexity in wonderous ways. The details he chooses to signify theological depths are the beautiful embodiment of what all artists and craftsmen before the Lord seek: to be a humble joyful collaborator with the living God. I always leave his work encouraged by what there was to discover and challenged to take the time to behold creation more carefully.

Some people have a way with words. Jeremy has a way with color, and shape, and symbolism. His art inspires me and at the same time calms and encourages me. I love the way he makes Scripture “visible” through his art work.

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